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Last analysed apps
Version 1.0.3
analysis failed

Version 3.8.2
9 trackers 5 permissions
Version 1.5.3
1 trackers 3 permissions

Version 2.3.6
3 trackers 2 permissions
Version 1.1
0 trackers 0 permissions

Top trackers (in 520 analysed apps)

  • SKAdNetwork (84.4% of apps)
  • Google Firebase Analytics (52.1% of apps)
  • Google CrashLytics (38.7% of apps)
  • Google AdMob (17.5% of apps)
  • Facebook (16.5% of apps)
  • AppsFlyer (9.2% of apps)
  • Adjust (9.0% of apps)
  • Amplitude (7.1% of apps)
  • Branch (4.8% of apps)
  • Unity3d Ads (4.6% of apps)


This service analyses iOS applications in order to list the embedded trackers and permissions. A tracker is a piece of software that collects data about you or your app usage behaviour.

This project was motivated by Exodus Privacy, which is a similar project for Android apps. Some of the underlying code as well as the design of this website is based on this project.

The underlying analysis technique for iOS apps was developed in the PhD research of Konrad Kollnig at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Oxford. This research was published in a range of academic papers and is available at This research was, in turn, based on previous work by the Oxford research group led by Sir Nigel Shadbolt.

A key aim of this research and this tool is to enable anyone to analyse privacy in iOS apps without relying on jailbreaks or the circumvention of copyright protections. These were issues that held back iOS research in the past.

Unfortunately, Apple currently encrypts every app downloaded from the App Store with its FairPlay DRM. The circumvention of this DRM might be illegal in some jurisdictions and is thus not done by this tool.

We never collect personal data. It's yours. This website is operated by For Goodness' Sake Ltd, a non-profit research organisation under English law.